Thursday, October 1, 2009

Even If Love- KEXP Playlist 10/01/09

Rainy day here in Seattle. Listening to Friar Tuck & His Psychedelic Guitar (thanks Trevor) and working on a presentation for tomorrow. Picking out records for DJ'ing at NWFF Big Opening Night Party tomorrow for Local Sightings Festival! I start at 12am.

Pho is on the horizon. I can't complain. My latest show is up until 10/15/09! New Broadcast? Oh my!! Stream it here!

01:00 AM-Port-Royal-Balding Generation (Losing Hair As We Lose Hope)-Dying In Time
01:09 AM-Broadcast and Focus Group-Make My Sleep His Song-...Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age

01:13 AM-The xx-infinity-xx
01:18 AM-Cranes-Everywhere-Forever
01:22 AM-Lusine-Twilight-A Certain Distance
01:26 AM-Telepathe-The Devil's trident-Dance mother

01:30 AM-Tyondai Braxton-J. City-Central Market
01:37 AM-Jack Penate-Pull My Heart Away-Everything Is New

01:42 AM-Jeff Buckley-Lilac Wine-Grace
01:47 AM-Spider-Black-Things We Liked to Hold
01:51 AM-Grand Archives-Willoughby (Album)-Keep In Mind Frankenstein

01:55 AM-Taken By Trees-Greyest Love of All-East of Eden
01:58 AM-Natural Snow Buildings-Sunlone-Shadow Kingdom

02:01 AM-Brian Eno-The True Wheel-Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy

02:07 AM-Blakes-Little bit About you-Souvenir
02:09 AM-Yussuf Jerusalem-Greetings From Novi Sad-A Heart Full of Sorrow
02:12 AM-Jay Reatard-My Reality-Watch Me Fall
02:15 AM-Sonny and the Sunsets-Death Cream-Strange Love 7"
02:17 AM-No Age-Untitled-Losing Feeling
02:21 AM-Pylon-The Human Body-Hits

02:25 AM-Holiday Shores-Tremor Rolls The Peak-Columbus'd The Whim
02:29 AM-Death cab for Cutie-Soul Meets Body-Plans
02:33 AM-The Dutchess & The Duke-When You Leave My Arms-Sunset / Sunrise

02:37 AM-iggy Pop-Candy-Nude & Rude: Best of Iggy Pop
02:42 AM-The Darlings-If This Is Love-Yeah I Know
02:45 AM-Ty Segall-86'ed-Universal Momma 7"
02:48 AM-tUnE-YaRdS-Sunlight-BiRd-BrAiNs
02:52 AM-Hudson Mohawke-Star Crackout-Butter
02:56 AM-Micachu-Turn Me Well-Jewellery

03:00 AM-M83-Farewell/Goodbye-before the Dawn Heals Us
03:05 AM-Johann Johannsson-City Building-And in the endless pause there came the sound of bees

03:09 AM-Ah Holly Famly-EIEIO-PDX Pop Now!
03:11 AM-The Avalanches-Frontier Psychiatrist-Sinec I Left You
03:16 AM-Rival Consoles-1985-IO
03:19 AM-Simian Mobile Disco-Cream Dream-Temporary Pleasure

03:23 AM-The Raveonettes-Heart Of Stone-In And Out Of Control
03:27 AM-Girls-Ghost Mouth-Album
03:30 AM-Miike Snow-Burial-Miike Snow
03:35 AM-Choir Of Young Believers-She Walks-This Is For The White In Your Eyes

03:41 AM-Radiohead-Harry Patch (In memory Of)-
03:47 AM-Nancy Elizabeth-Tow The Line-Wrought Iron
03:52 AM-Soulsavers-You Will Miss Me When I Burn-Broken

03:57 AM-Bonnie "Prince" Billy-Even If Love-Master And Everyone

04:00 AM-Music Go Music-Warm in the Shadows-Expressions

04:11 AM-Sea Wolf-O Maria!-White Water, White Bloom
04:15 AM-The Avett Brothers-And It Spread-I And Love And You
04:19 AM-Neutral Milk Hotel-Naomi-On Avery Island
04:23 AM-Memory Tapes-Run Out-Seek Magic
04:28 AM-Codes In The Clouds-Don't Go Awash In This Digital Landscape-Paper Canyon

04:32 AM-Galaxie 500-Ceremony-Selected Galaxie 500 [Promo]
04:38 AM-MGMT-pieces of What-Live @ KEXP Vol. 5
04:41 AM-Six Organs Of Admittance-The Ballad Of Charlie Harper-Luminous Night
04:46 AM-A Sunny Day in Glasgow-Shy-Ashes grammar
04:52 AM-Le Loup-We Are Gods! We Are Wolves!-The Throne Of The Third Heaven Of The Nations' Millennium General Assembly

04:56 AM-Islands-Vapours-Vapours
04:58 AM-The La's-Feelin'-The La's

05:00 AM-The Fall -How I Wrote Elastic Man-Totally Wired
05:05 AM-Unnatural Helpers-Gettin' Classy-Unnatural Helpers

05:08 AM-The Pains of Being Pure at Heart-Higher Than the Stars (EP Version)-Higher Than the Stars EP
05:11 AM-The Big Pink-A Brief History Of Love-A Brief History Of Love
-Zola Jesus-Smirenye-The Spoils
05:20 AM-Girls Against Boys-In Like Flynn-Venus Luxure No. 1 Baby

05:25 AM-The Clientele-I Wonder Who We Are-bonfires on the Heath
05:29 AM-Final Fantasy-The Donor-Crayon Angel: A Tribute To The Music Of Judee Sill
05:33 AM-Richard Hawley-For Your Lover Give Some Time-Truelove's Gutter

05:41 AM-Eddy Current Suppression Ring-Winter's Warm-Eddy Current Suppression Ring
05:45 AM-Thao-Cool Yourself-Know Better Learn Faster
05:47 AM-The Nightgowns-Narwhale Aerobics-The Nightgowns - Sing Something

05:52 AM-Squarepusher-Iambic 9 Poetry-Ultravisitor


Oh and here's a fun video.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cranes- Everywhere

How did I not know about Cranes until this week? Been listening to Forever (1993) on repeat. Thanks Paul! Btw- Britpop/Shoegaze Night @ Lo-Fi this Thursday, Mr. Groth spinning delectable tunes from 10-11pm.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Older KEXP Music That Matters Podcasts

...if you missed them!
You can subscribe through Itunes or Zune, go here if you need help: Just search for KEXP Music That Matters.

The ones I've done are:
Music That Matters, Vol. 150 - No Fun: DJ Shani's Summertime Podcast!
Explore DJ Shani's favorite new songs on her latest podcast. Travel to France, Poland, England, Germany, Portugal, and the US of A! Listen to some electronic beats, experimental landscapes, lo-fi garage rock, lazy summertime pop, and more. You'll find your favorite new songs for driving on a sunny summer's day, walking home on a warm summer's night, or lounging on the porch with a mint julep... or make that the beach... mmmm. 1. Sonny and The Sunsets - Strange Love 2. Dreamdate - 8 Sleeves 3. Dirty Projectors - Stillness is the Move 4. Vampire Hands - No Fun 5. Chain and The Gang - I See Progress 6. Moderat - Rusty Nails 7. Gala Drop - Crystal 8. Papercuts - Once We Walked in the Sunlight 9. Bibio - Carosello Ellitico 10. Night Control - Good Looks 11. Thee Oh Sees - Meat Step Lively 12. Cheveu - Like A Deer in the Headlights 13. Neon Indian - 6669 (I Don't Know If You Know) 14. Tammar - Weddle On 15. Speck Mountain - Angela 16. Jacaczek - Rytm to Niesmiertelnosc II

Music That Matters, Vol. 133 - That's What She Said
2009 is off to a great start, what with sunny days in Seattle, the startings of change in D.C., "Lost" starting up again... and some great music too! On her 4th podcast, DJ Shani presents new songs that are getting her revved up for another kickass year of music. 1. The Week That Was - It's All Gone Quiet 2. Minotaur Shock - This Plane is Going To Fall 3. Wet Hair - Saturn 4. Wizzard Sleeve - Pterodactyl Meltdown 5. That Ghost - Open Windows 6. Yussuf Jerusalem - Greetings From Novi Sad 7. Palms - Monte Alban 8. Telepathe - The Devil's Trident 9. Grouper - Heavy Water/I'd Rather Be Sleeping 10. Cold Cave - The Trees Grew Emotions and Died 11. Fennesz - Saffron Revolution 12. Suzy Mangion - Many Happy Returns 13. Ulaan Khol - Untitled III 14. Donovan Quinn and The 13th Month - Dark Motel 15. Fire on Fire - Assanine Race 16. Zu - Erinys 17. Meneguar - Let Us Decide 18. Hunx and His Punx - Gimmie Gimmie Back Your Love

Music That Matters, Vol. 115 - DJ Shani's Local Picks
Music That Matters, Vol. 115 - DJ Shani's Local Picks DJ Shani presents her current favorite Seattle bands in her 3rd Music That Matters Podcast. Check it out to hear new or unreleased tracks from bands like Panda and Angel, Truckasauras, Past Lives, AFCGT, The Curious Mystery, and more! 1. Love Tan - Ring Ring 2. Past Lives - Reverse The Curse 3. Portable Morla - Ode To A Willow 4. Mars Accelerator - Slow Science (When You're Right, You're Right) 5. The Curious Mystery - Outta California 6. Flexions - Ex-boss 7. Arbitron - Purge 8. The Limbs - Five Four 9. The Dead Science - Make Mine Marvel 10. Sokai Stilhed - Raw 11. Unlearn - Still Life With Actress 12. Panda and Angel - Make It Easier 13. Diminished Men - A Housewive's Dram 14. The Sea Donkeys - Lost At Sea 15. AFCGT - 2 Legged Dog 16. Truckasauras - Angels Sound Like Bottle Rockets 17. Daguerreotypes - Telegram to Tegucigalpa 18. The Luna Moth - Ghost Lilies Of The Whale Time

Music That Matters, Vol. 101 - DJ Shani's Thundercast
Join DJ Shani on her second KEXP podcast where she plays her favorite tunes of the past few months from bands that she's totally excited about and hopes you will be too. At the end, we think you'll all agree that there's really nothing better than a box of records, especially when it's raining all the time outside (yeah, Seattle, we're talking to you... it's JUNE, didn't you know?!) 1. Guinea Worms - Box Of Records 2. Bonnie Prince Billy - Lie Down In The Light 3. The Black Swans - Shake 4. Mattress - Mirror 5. The Child Readers - Young Worlds - Try To Hear! 6. Catatonic Youth - Control My Gun 7. Indian Jewelry - Temporary Famine Ship 8. Cheveu - Dog 9. Experimental Aircraft - Upper East Side 10. Nothing People - In The City 11. Blank Dogs - Crystal Ladies 12. Lucky Dragons - Givers 13. Nat Baldwin - Lake Erie 14. Corespondents - In The Face Of Those Who Want Us Hurt

Music That Matters, Vol. 79 - Meet DJ Shani!
On her very first podcast, New KEXP DJ Shani Jayant shares some of her favorite tunes discovered in the past few months! 1. Phosphorescent - A Picture of Our Torn Up Praise 2. Le Loup - Planes Like Vultures 3. Miracle Fortress - Poetaster 4. Ed Askew - Little Eyes 5. Health - Perfect Skin 6. Atlas Sound - Recent Bedroom 7. Studio - No Comply 8. The Somnambulants - Eyes on the Road 9. John Maus - Do Your Best 10. Begushkin - Nightly Things 11. Pink Reason - Dead End 12. Tectonic Plates - The Mender 13. Sapat - Dark Silver 14. Ariel Pink - Underground 15. No Age - Loosen This Job 16. Julianna Barwick - Dancing with Friends 17. Red Martian - Donkey Back Ride

I'll be working on one in November with DJ Sharlese :) I'll do more again in 2010 after I get my generals done in school.

Real Life > Blogs > Facebook : DJ Shani Thunders is back.

Taking a possibly permanent break from Facebook... you can't beat it for networking but I am in touch otherwise with the important people in my life. Hopefully my friends, radio listeners, and those with a curious ear will find me here and keep up with my shows. I always welcome feedback and music recommendations!

My last show is up until 10/08/09.
Stream it here!

1:00 AM-Jens Lekman-Pocketful of Money-Oh you're so silent Jens
1:06 AM-Le Loup-Grow-Family
1:09 AM-The Clientele-Tonight -Bonfires on the Heath
1:13 AM-Grand Archives-Silver Among the Gold-Keep In Mind Frankenstein
1:17 AM-The Bats-The Orchard-The Guilty Office
1:22 AM-Lusine-Twilight-A Certain Distance
1:25 AM-Brazilian Girls-Don't Stop-Brazilian Girls
1:30-Gui Boratto-Beautiful Life-Chromophobia
1:38 AM-Julian Plenti-Games For Days-Julian Plenti Is... Skyscraper
1:42 AM-Cheveu-Touloulou-Cheveau LP
1:46 AM-Ty Segall-Universal Momma-Universal Momma 7"
1:48 AM-The Blakes-Basket-Souvenir
1:51 AM-Catherine Wheel-Future Boy-Adam & Eve
1:57 AM-Nudge-Harmo-As Good As Gone
2:00 AM-Balmorhea-Settler-All is Wild, All is Silent
2:08 AM-Antony & The Johnsons-Spiralling-I Am A Bird Now
2:13 AM-Mum-Prophecies And Reversed Memories-Sing Along To Songs You Don't Know
2:17 AM-A Hawk And A Hacksaw-Kertesz-Delivrance
2:22 AM-Thao-Know Better Learn Faster-Know Better Learn Faster
2:26 AM-The Sea and Cake-The Leaf-Oui
2:30 AM-The Cinematic Orchestra-To Build a Home (Instrumental Version)-Past, Present, and Future: Classics, Instrumentals, and Exclusives
2:37 AM-Islands-On Foreigner-Vapours
2:42 AM-Animal Collective-Brothersport-Merriweather Post Pavilion
2:48 AM-The Big Pink-Too Young To Love-A Brief History Of Love
2:52 AM-Joy Wants Eternity-Yet Onward We Marched-You Who Pretend To Sleep
2:56 AM-Colder-Shiny Star-Again
3:00 AM-Joanna Newsom-Monkey and the Bear-Ys
3:10 AM-The xx-VCR-xx
3:13 AM-Ellen Allien & Apparat-Way Out-Orchestra Of Bubbles
3:16 AM-The Field-The More That I Do-Yesterday And Today
3:25 AM-The Raveonettes-Bang!-In And Out Of Control
3:28 AM-Turbo Fruits-Trouble!-Echo Kid
3:31 AM-Spurm-Ladies-Spurm EP
3:33 AM-The Dead Milkmen-If I Had A Gun-Soul Rotation
3:36 AM-The Almighty Defenders-All My Loving-The Almighty Defenders
3:40 AM-Choir Of Young Believers-Why Must It Always Be This Way-This Is For The White In Your Eyes
3:44 AM-The Black Swans-Country Cookie #3-Black Swans/ Alina Simone Split 7"
3:48 AM-Blitzen Trapper-Black River Killer (Album)-Black River Killer EP
3:53 AM-Polvo-The Pedlar-In Prism
3:56 AM-Bronze Fawn-Lumber-Lumber
4:01 AM-Firehose-Walking the Cow-Flying the Flannel
4:05 AM- Avner-Kanslor-Lyssna
4:10 AM-A Sunny Day in Glasgow-Shy-Ashes Grammar
4:15 AM-Slowdive-So Tired-Outside Your Room EP
4:20 AM-Paavoharju-Italialaisella Laivalla-Laulu Laakson Kukista
4:23 AM-Vivian Girls-Out For The Sun-Everything Goes Wrong
4:27 AM-Ten Kens-Y'all Come Back Now-Ten Kens
4:30 AM-Pixies -Dig For Fire-Wave of Mutilation
4:33 AM-Visqueen-Ward-Message to garcia
4:37 AM-The Cure-Close To Me-The Head On The Door
4:40 AM-Lee Dorsey-Get Out of my Life Woman-
4:42 AM-The Dutchess and the Duke-Scorpio-
4:47 AM-Levi Fuller-Mouse on Fire-Colossal
4:51 AM-The Crayon Fields-All the Pleasures of the World-All the Pleasures of the World
4:55 AM-Diamond Rings-All Yr Songs-All Yr Songs 7"
4:57 AM-Summer Cats-Christopher Wren-Songs for Tuesdays
5:00 AM-The Smiths-Stretch Out and Wait-Louder than Bombs
5:02 AM-Teengirl Fantasy-Portofino-
5:07 AM-Joy Orbison-hyph Mngo-
5:13 AM-Aphex Twin-Jynweythek Ylow-Drukqs [Disc 1]
5:15 AM-Memory Tapes-Plain Material-Seek Magic
5:20 AM-Girls-Headache-Album
5:23 AM-Atlas Sound-Walkabout-Logos
5:28 AM-Octagon Control-Super GangBang Party-
5:30 AM-Devo-Girl U Want-Freedom Of Choice
5:33 AM-Thomas Function-Conspiracy Of Praise-Celebration!
5:38 AM-A Place To Bury Strangers-Lost Feeling-In Your Heart
5:43 AM-HEALTH-Die Slow (Tobacco Remix)-
5:47 AM-Chris & Cosey-BeatBeatBeat-Exotika
5:54 AM-Fennesz-Endless Summer-Endless Summer