Saturday, December 15, 2012

Where'd You Learn To Kiss That Way: 12/15/2012

The show will be up for a couple weeks here:

03:33 Kane Ikin Black Sands Sublunar
03:40 Ravi Shankar Raga Jog Three Ragas
04:07 Amadou and Mariam Sabali Welcome to Mali
04:11 Niki and the Dove Mother Protect Instinct
04:16 John Maus The Believer We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves
04:22 Antony and the Johnsons You Are My Sister Cut the World
04:26 Bibio Bones & Skulls The Apple and the Tooth
04:30 Field Mice Let's Kiss and Make Up Where'd You Learn to Kiss That Way?
04:34 David Bowie Neukoeln Heroes
04:42 The Slits Ping Pong Affair The Slits
04:45 Volcano the Bear baby photos Golden Rhythm/Ink Music
04:48 Tycho Coastal Brake Dive
04:55 The Knife We Share Our Mother's Health Silent Shout
04:59 Electrelane Saturday No Shouts No Calls
05:03 Matthew Dear Her Fantasy Beams
05:10 Roxy Music In Every Dream Home a Heartache For Your Pleasure
05:15 JRR Tolkien The Hobbit (excerpt) JRR Tolkien Reads and Sings the Hobbit
05:19 Sigur Ros Hoppipolla Takk
05:25 Volumes I'm Gonna Miss You Eccentric Soul: Omnibus Vol 1
05:28 Sweet Chariot Wildside V/A: Man Chest Hair
05:32 Steve Moore Tyken's Rift Light Echoes
05:37 Cluster Rosa Zuckerzeit
05:42 Boards of Canada Sixtyniner Twoism
05:48 Robert Glasper Experiment Dillalude #2 Black Radio Recovered: the Remix EP
05:57 Laurie Spiegel Appalachian Grove III The Expanding Universe

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Leaving the Island: 12/09/2012

The show will be up for a couple weeks here:

03:30 Nick Cave Wonderful Life Nocturama
03:36 Tape Moth Wings Luminarium
03:41 Evan Caminiti Leaving the Island Dreamless Sleep
03:47 Charles Mingus I X Love Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus
03:53 Ketty Lester Love Letters Soundtrack: Blue Velvet
03:55 John Maus I Don't Eat Human Beings A Collection of Rarities and Previously Unreleased Material
04:00 Wire Kidney Bingos Kidney Bingos
04:02 Velvet Underground The Gift White Light White Heat
04:10 Laurie Spiegel Patchwork The Expanding Universeq
04:20 Soft Cell Sex Dwarf Non Stop Erotic Cabaret
04:24 Errors Relics New Relics
04:28 Calamalka bad scene All The Way Up
04:32 J Dilla Nothing Like This Ruff Draft
04:35 S-Job Movement Love Affair The Sound of the Underground Lagos Dancefloor 1974-79
04:45 Jets I Was So Glad VA: Essential Pebbles Vol.3
04:46 Love My Little Red Book Love Story: 1966-1972
04:48 Throwing Muses Not Too Soon The Real Ramona
04:55 Giant Giant Sand Wind Blown Waltz Tucson
05:00 Pavement Major Leagues Terror Twilight
05:03 The Casket Girls The Visitor Sleepwalking
05:08 Animal Collective New Town Burnout Centipede Hz
05:14 Motorpyscho and Stale Storlokken doldrums The Death Defying Unicorn
05:17 Edgar Allan Poe The Cask of Amontillado Basil Rathbone Reads Edgar Allan Poe
05:35 Lindstrom Faar-i-kaal Smalhans
05:42 Dinosaur L. Go Bang (Francois K mix) The World of Arthur Russell
05:48 Underground Vegetables Melting Pot V/A: Studio One Funk
05:52 Deep Time Gold Rush Deep Time
05:57 Prince Rama So Destroyed Top Ten Hits of The End of the World

Leave My Chemistry: 12/08/2012

[Sensations' Fix]
The show will be up for a couple weeks here:

03:33 Laurie Spiegel Appalachian Grove I The Expanding Universe
03:39 Andy Stott Numb Luxury Problems
03:45 Lindstrom Eg-ged-osis Smalhans
03:50 Section25 friendly fires Always now
03:52 Flying Lotus The Nightcaller Until the Quiet Comes
03:55 Nils Frahm For Juno
04:01 Bembeya Jazz National Alalake The Syliphone Years
04:06 Kayak Mouldy Wood See See the Sun
04:10 Brian Eno Burning Airlines Give You So Much More Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)
04:17 Social Studies Think of the Sea Developer
04:20 Lukid Bless My Heart Lonely at the Top
04:23 Scott Walker The Day The Conducator Died Bish Bosch
04:31 Volcano the Bear Buffalo Shoulder Golden Rhythm/Ink Music
04:42 Charanjit Singh Raga Bhairav Ten Ragas to a Disco Beat
04:47 A.R.Kane A Love From Outer Space (Solar Equinox Mix) Complete Singles Collection
04:50 Prince Rama So Destroyed Top Ten Hits of the End of the World
04:53 Swell Maps The Helicopter Spies ...Jane from Occupied Europe
04:58 Tim Hecker and Daniel Lopatin Uptown Psychedelia Instrumental Tourist
05:04 Kane Ikin Titan Sublunar
05:08 Mogwai (Justin K Broadrick Mix) George Square Thatcher Death Party A Wretched Virile Lore
05:12 Daphni Cos-Ber-Zam - Ne Noya (Daphni Mix) Jiaolong
05:17 Jackie Mittoo Hang Em High Studio One Funk
05:21 Trinikas Remember Me Eccentric Soul: Omnibus Vol. 1
05:26 Carter Tutti Void v3 Transverse
05:34 Sensations' Fix Leave My Chemistry Music Is Painting in the Air
05:38 Clinic Misty Free Reign
05:45 Scritti Politti Skank Bloc Bologna Political Writings
05:50 Carlton Melton Nor'easter Photos of Photos