Monday, November 2, 2009

Tall Tales of Trauma

LOVING this.
Tommy Jay.
"The long-awaited reissue of the 1986 Old Age/No Age cassette, Tall Tales of Trauma. A collection of DIY barn and basement-recorded classic from 10 years (out of 30) worth of recording by TOMMY JAY- member/songwriter and co-producer of EGO SUMMIT, MIKE REP & THE QUOTAS, and the (Ohio) TRUE BELIEVERS. The tracks are of a musical dark matter, an unseen cosmic force connecting 1970s Ohio punk/folk 4-track experiments to the Cowtown lo-fi explosion of the early-90s and beyond. Limited edition of 500 copies on both formats. CD includes eight bonus tracks."- Columbus Discount

Heard this Jonny Trunk record at Wall of Sound today, and I absolutely love it! I need to pick it up soon. Here's a track:

And I've found myself going back to Coil as the winter looms overhead.
All from 1986's Horse Rotorvator. Including a Leonard Cohen cover!