Thursday, November 12, 2009

Evening Return: KEXP Playlist 11/12/09

You can stream the show here (until 11/26/09).

01:00 AM-Matias Aguayo-Rollerskate-Ay Ay Ay
01:07 AM-Florence & The Machine-You've Got the Love (xx Remix)-

01:13 AM-Fuck Buttons-Olympians-Tarot Sport
01:25 AM-BREAKFAST MOUNTAIN-J. hollerday Good Plus Remix-HOOOODED
01:28 AM-Gliss-Anybody Inside-Devotion Implosion
01:32 AM-The Raveonettes-Break Up Girls!-In and Out of Control

01:37 AM-Flipper-(I Saw You) Shine-Generic
01:45 AM-Cave-Encino Men-Psychic Psummer EP

01:49 AM-The Kills-Kissy Kissy-Live @ KEXP Volume 5
01:54 AM-Fungi Girls-Colour the Floor-Seafaring Pyramids
01:56 AM-Blank Dogs-From Here-Under And Under

02:00 AM-The Cure-The Drowning Man-Faith
02:05 AM-Bear in Heaven-You Do You-Beast Rest Forth Mouth

02:09 AM-Kurt Vile-Heart Attack-Childish Prodigy
02:12 AM-Cass McCombs-Dreams Come True Girl-Live @ KEXP 9/3/09
02:16 AM-Sonny and the Sunsets-Too Young to Burn-Tomorrow is Alright
02:19 AM-Systems Officer-Pacer-Underslept

02:24 AM-Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings-I'm Not Gonna Cry-V/A: Daptone Gold
02:27 AM-Battles-Atlas-Mirrored

02:34 AM-Lake-Gravel-Let's Build a Roof
02:37 AM-The Blakes-Lurleen-Souvenir
02:40 AM-The Kinks-20th Century Man-Muswell Hillbillies [Bonus Tracks]
02:46 AM-King Khan & BBQ Show-Crystal Ball-The King Khan & BBQ Show
02:51 AM-The Shackles-Winter Wanton-Tape Split
02:53 AM-Ike Turner-She Made My Blood Run Cold-Roll Your Moneymaker 1948-1958

02:55 AM-Wilco-Impossible Germany-Sky Blue Sky

03:01 AM-Boards Of Canada-In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country-In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country [EP]
03:07 AM-Gary Wilson-You Think You Really Know Me-You Think You Really Know Me
03:09 AM-Sleep Whale-We Were Dripping-Houseboat
03:13 AM-Hood-Evening Return-Cabled Linear Traction
03:16 AM-The Big Pink-Too Young To Love-A Brief History Of Love

03:21 AM-Crayon Fields-Voice of P-All the Pleasures of the World
03:24 AM-jj-Ecstacy-JJNo2
03:28 AM-Fever Ray-Seven-Seven
03:31 AM-Vitalic-Poison Lips-Flashmob
03:35 AM-Tobacco -Hairy Candy-Fucked Up Friends
03:38 AM-Cabaret Voltaire-Sluggin For Jesus (Part 1)-Eight Crepuscule Tracks

03:44 AM-Scraps-A Salty Sea-Scraps
03:47 AM-Frankie Valli-Beggin (Pilooski Remix)-
03:52 AM-Fresh Espresso-Something New (Remix)-
03:56 AM-Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth-They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)-Mecca And The Soul Brother [Disc 1]

04:01 AM-The 24-Carat Black-The Best Of Good Love Gone-Gone: The Promises Of Yesterday
04:06 AM-Bark Psychosis-A Street Scene-Hex
04:11 AM-Memory Tapes-Swimming Field-Seek Magic
04:15 AM-Gui Boratto-I Feel Love-I Feel Love 12"

04:23 AM-A Place To Bury Strangers-Keep Slipping Away-Exploding Head
04:28 AM-The Jesus & Mary Chain-You Trip Me Up-Psychocandy
04:30 AM-A Sunny Day in Glasgow-Shy-Ashes Grammar
04:35 AM-Lush-De-Luxe-Gala
04:39 AM-Phoenix-Love Like a Sunset (Animal Collective Remix)-Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (Remix Collection)
04:43 AM-Aphex Twin-Fingerbib-Richard D. James Album

04:47 AM-New Order-Love Vigilantes-Low-Life
04:51 AM-Karl Blau-Dark Sedan-Zebra
04:54 AM-The Flaming Lips-Evil-Embryonic

05:00 AM-De La Soul-Eye Know-3 Feet High and Rising
05:03 AM-The Go! Team-Ladyflash-Thunder, Lightning, Strike

05:09 AM-Thao-Body-Know Better Learn Faster
05:12 AM-Lee Dorsey-Get Out of My Life Woman-
05:14 AM-Chuck Prophet-Where the Hell is Henry?-¬°Let Freedom Ring!
05:17 AM-Diamond Rings-All Yr Songs-All Yr Songs 7"
05:19 AM-Beirut-Postcards From Italy-Gulag Orkestar

05:24 AM-Volcano Choir-Island, IS-Unmap
05:28 AM-Helios-Woods And Gives Away-Ayres
05:34 AM-Devendra Banhart-Goin' Back-What Will We Be
05:37 AM-The Velvet Underground-Stephanie Says-VU

05:41 AM-Atlas Sound-Shelia-Logos
05:44 AM-Neon Indian-Psychic Chasms-Psychic Chasms
05:48 AM-The Mantles-Don't Lie-The Mantles
05:52 AM-Michael Yonkers Band-Kill The Enemy-Microminiature Love

05:56 AM-Broadcast-Microtronics Four-Microtronics, Vol. 1

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Too Young to Burn

Really love this new Sonny & the Sunsets LP, Tomorrow is Alright. LP comes out 11/17.

This is the first track, Too Young to Burn.

"For some reason we tend to make a distinction between hearing a sound and feeling a vibration, in reality they are the same thing. It is interesting to note that in the Italian language this distinction does not exist. The verb 'sentire' means to hear and the same verb in the reflexive form 'sentirsi' means to feel..." An interesting read on Hearing.

Michael and the Mumbles record is out! Michael from the Michael Yonkers Band! Mid 60s garage rock before he went all psych. Before the Michael Yonkers Band, There was The Mumbles

If you don't know the Michael Yonkers Band, definitely pick up Microminiature Love (1968) which was only released in 2002.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Loved Despite of Great Faults: KEXP Playlist 11/07/09

You can stream the show here (until 11/21/09).

12:00 PM-Enon-Knock That Door-Lost Marbles and Exploded Evidence
12:03 PM-Islands-On Foreigner-Vapours

12:08 PM-The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart-Higher Than The Stars (Clean Version)-Higher Than The Stars EP
12:12 PM-Blonde Redhead-Loved Despite Of Great Faults-Melody Of Certain Damaged Lemons
12:16 PM-The Crayon Fields-All the Pleasures of the World-All The Pleasures of the World
12:19 PM-Cat Power-Speak For Me-You Are Free

12:23 PM-Get Back Guinozzi!-Police and Thieves-Carpet Madness
12:26 PM-Gang Of Four-Ether-Entertainment!
12:30 PM-The Big Pink-Dominos-A Brief History Of Love

12:34 PM-The Black Keys-Psychotic Girl-Attack & Release
12:39 PM-Michael and the Mubles-I'm Cryin-Michael and the Mumbles
12:42 PM-Califone-Polish Girls-All My Friends Are Funeral Singers
12:45 PM-Destroyer-It's Gonna Take an Airplane-Your Blues

12:50 PM-Broadcast-Michael A Grammar-Tender Buttons
12:54 PM-Alias & Tarsier-Dr. C-Brookland/Oaklyn
01:00 PM-Surfer Blood-Twin Peaks-Astrocoast
01:04 PM-The Replacements-Alex Chilton-Pleased To Meet Me
01:07 PM-King Khan & BBQ Show-I'll Be Loving You-The King Khan & BBQ Show
01:10 PM-Otis Redding-Hard to Handle-Definitive Otis Redding Vol 3
01:12 PM-Betty Davis-Is It Love Or Desire-Is It Love Or Desire?
01:15 PM-T.O. Jazz-Owuo Adaadaa me-
01:18 PM-Thomas Function-ADP Blues-In The Valley Of Sickeness

01:22 PM-My Morning Jacket-Touch Me I'm Going To Scream Pt. 2-Evil Urges
01:30 PM-Animal Collective-In The Flowers-Merriweather Post Pavilion

01:36 PM-Florence and the Machine-You've Got the Love (xx Remix)-
01:42 PM-Phoenix-If I Ever Feel Better-United [Bonus Track]
01:46 PM-Caribou-Melody Day-Andorra
01:50 PM-Memory Tapes-Green Knight-Seek Magic
01:55 PM-Virgin Islands-100 Year Apology-Age of Anxiety EP

01:58 PM-The Clean-Billy Two-Anthology
02:01 PM-Serge Gainsbourg-En Melody-Histoire De Melody Nelson
02:05 PM-The Flaming Lips-Watching the Planets-Embryonic

02:10 PM-The Magnetic Fields-I Don't Really Love You Anymore-I
02:12 PM-Spider Bags-Que Viva El Rocanroll-Goodbye Cruel World, Hello Crueler World
02:16 PM-Espers-Meridian-III
02:19 PM-Buffalo Springfield-Sit Down i think i Love You-
02:21 PM-Girls-Ghost Mouth-Album

02:25 PM-The Clash-hateful-London Calling
02:28 PM-Ramones -I Dont Wanna go down to the Basement-All the Stuff and More Vol. 1
02:30 PM-Kurt Vile-Hunchback-Childish Prodigy
02:35 PM-Blank Dogs-Setting Fire To Your House-Under And Under
02:38 PM-Dan Melchior-My Slippery Shadow-Thank you Very Much
02:41 PM-Neon Indian-6669 (I Dont Know If You Know)-Psychic Chasms

02:45 PM-The Fucking Eagles-Nothing But a Heartache -Midnight Sour
02:49 PM-Sonny and the Sunsets-Death Cream-Strange Love 7"
02:51 PM-Devo-I Cant Get No Satisfaction-

02:55 PM-The Cure-All Cats Are Grey-Faith