Saturday, May 4, 2013

Goldtone: 04/21/13

[Deep Listening Band]

The show will be up for a couple weeks here: 
21:00 The Cure Other Voices Faith
21:06 Grimes & D'Eon Vanessa Dark Bloom
21:11 Autechre jatevee C Exai
21:16 Bonobo Cirrus The North Borders
21:23 Julia Holter Boy in the Moon Ekstasis
21:30 Kawabata Makoto You Are All Of My Love Ho Sanna Mantra
21:37 Heidi Mortenson Dele Af Kroppen
21:42 Youth Lagoon Dropla Wonderous Bughouse
21:48 Deerhunter Helicopter Halcyon Digest
21:51 Gems Logan's Run Tall Mountain
21:56 Matmos Mental Radio The Marraige of True Minds
22:00 Deep Listening Band Jungle Howl Needle Drop Jungle
22:17 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Jubilee Street Push the Sky Away
22:24 Electrelane To the East No Shouts, No Calls
22:28 Io Echo Shanghai Girls Ministry of Love
22:33 Echo and the Bunnymen A Promise Songs to Learn & Sing
22:36 Lou Champagne System Smelling So Sweet No Visible Means
22:40 Psychic Ills Might Take Awhile One Track Mind
22:43 Eternal Tapestry The Currents of Space A World Out of Time
22:48 Carmen Villain Two Towns Sleeper
22:52 Aphex Twin Schottkey 7th Path selected ambient works 85-92
23:00 Ingenting Kollektiva The dark backward abysm of time Lost Beyond Telling
23:07 Lapalux The Dead Sea Nostalchic
23:13 Indians La Femme Somewhere Else
23:16 Unknown Mortal Orchestra From the Sun II
23:21 Kinks Lola Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround
23:25 Kurt Vile Goldtone Wakin on a Pretty Daze
23:35 Joanna Newsom Sawdust & Diamonds Ys
23:45 The Sight Below Life's Fading Light (Almost Slipped Away mix)
23:53 Destroyer ft. Tim Hecker Archer on the Beach Archer on the Beach/ Grief Point 12"