Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Collision: Shortwave 04/15/13

The show will be up for a couple weeks here: https://soundcloud.com/shanithunders/kalx-shortwave-04-15-13 

00:00 Zomby- Labyrinth- Nothing EP
00:03 Broadcast- Violent Playground- The Future Crayon
00:05 Demdike Stare- Collision- Test Pressing #001
00:13 1991High-Tech Cold-Life- High-Tech High-Life
00:17 PattenFire Dream- GLAQJO XAACSSO
00:22 Andy CatoSundown Sant Agnes (Biosphere Remix)
00:29 Roger RobinsonIano (Music by Ryuichi Sakamoto & Alva Noto)- Contemplate Mixtape
00:32 Net ShakerLissen- I'm So Cold
00:34 JacaszekRytm To Niesmiertelnosc II- Treny
00:39 NotwistSolitaire- Neon Golden
00:42 Oneohtrix Point NeverReturnalReturnal
00:46 Gui BorattoMr. DecayChromophobia
00:53 Dark SkyNeon50 Weapons of Choice #20-29