Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Pains of Being Really Bad At Estimating The Amount of Time It Would Take Me to Write This Paper

I am keeping my sanity writing this thing by listening to some good tunes! I have to skip my show tomorrow night, sadly, for emergency paper-writing purposes. I've been really into:

Bibio- Hand Cranked,
Panama!3 Comp, Calypso, Jazz, etc 1960-175,
Volcano Choir- Unmap,
Islands- Vapours,
United States of America- S/T (if you haven't heard them and you heart Broadcast, kick yourself!),
Love- Forever Changes,
Forest Fire- Survival,
Sunset- Gold Dissolves to Gray,
Sparklehorse & Fennesz- In The Fishtank

I just got the Trumpett MP3 Sampler 1979-2008 in the mail from the Netherlands today, but it's on a mini-CD, which I cannot play on my computer, so I am freaking out. I will have to wait until I am at work and can use a normal tray cd player. Way to think futuristically, Apple. "This 3" dvd-r consists of no less then 144 tracks as mp3 (320 kbps encoded and suitable for pc and mac), selected for you from the Trumpett archive. The tracks date from 1979 to 2008. Next to tracks from the archive and slim-line series there are pieces from the promotional and christmas releases present, as well as from the in-house non trumpett series. Featured amongst others are The Actor, Ende Shneafliet, Doxa Sinistra, C. Stein, A. van Garde, AEG, Thromboh, André de Koning, dr. Pho, Different Klons, Depeche Code and Jetset. What a great way to get an essential part of this monumental archive at home!" Drool. You can order it here: http://www.trumpett.nl/

Some bits: