Monday, September 2, 2013

Fade: Shortwave 08/19/13


00:00 Mirage Let's Kiss After Dark 2
00:08 Greg Haines The Whole Where We Were
00:12 Holly Herndon Fade Movement
00:18 Ernest Gonzales and Diego Bernal Thirteen Gold Coins (nickodxmvs remix) Atonement
00:21 Aoki Takamasa Rhythm Variation 08 RV8
00:29 DUST Nothing Feels Good Onset of Decimation 12"
00:32 Matthew Dear Shy Asa Breed
00:36 Tsembla Nouskaa Henget! Nouskaa Henget
00:44 Trentemoller Miss You The Last Resort
00:48 Forest Swords Thor's Stone Engravings
00:52 Young Echo Jupiter Rise Nexus
00:55 Seefeel Charlotte's Mouth Quique