Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sea Sick: KEXP Playlist 10/8/09

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My show from last night: you can stream it here.
Excited for the weekend- I'm seeing the Confederacy of Dunces play and going to a friends' wedding. Yay! More music videos and ponderings to come.

1:01 AM-Moderat-A New Error-Moderat
1:07 AM-Burial-Archangel-Untrue

1:12 AM-HEALTH-Die Slow (Tobacco Remix)-
1:16 AM-Massive Attack-Psyche (Van Rivers & The Subliminal Kid Remix)-Splitting the Atom
1:20 AM-Shallow-I Wonder (Sonicwonderglyde Mix)-CD Laser Lens Cleaner
1:25 AM-A Sunny Day in Glasgow-Shy-Ashes Grammar

1:32 AM-Grizzly Bear-Knife-Live @ KEXP October 4 2006
1:36 AM-B. Fleischmann-Not Given Lightly-V/A: Not Given Lightly
1:41 AM-The Avett Brothers-The Perfect Space-I And Love And You

1:46 AM-Sea Wolf-O Maria!-White Water, White Bloom
1:50 AM-The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir-I Pretend She's You-...and the horse you rode in on
1:55 AM-Morrissey-You're The One For Me, Fatty-Your Arsenal
1:57 AM-The Long Winters-Cinnamon-When I Pretend To Fall
2:02 AM-Dan Deacon-Snookered-Bromst

2:11 AM-Electrelane-I Keep Losing Heart-Axes [Live]
2:15 AM-Le Loup-Go East-Family
2:20 AM-Atlas Sound-Shelia-Logos
2:23 AM-The Sea And Cake-Transparent-Everybody
2:28 AM-Lia Ices-(Un)Chosen One-Necima

2:33 AM-Yo La Tengo-If It's True-Popular Songs
2:35 AM-Caribou-She's The One-Andorra
2:39 AM-Nudge-Two Hands-As Good As Gone

2:45 AM-Wheedle's Groove-Babyback-Kearney Barton
2:50 AM-The Very Best-Julia-Warm Heart of Africa
2:54 AM-LCD Soundsystem-Sound Of Silver-Sound Of Silver
3:01 AM-Stereolab-Les Yper-Sound-Emperor Tomato Ketchup
3:05 AM-Memory Tapes-Run Out-Seek Magic
3:09 AM-jj-Ecstascy-JJ No2

3:14 AM-Phoenix-Fences-Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
3:17 AM-Thieves Like Us-Drugs in My Body-Play Music
3:21 AM-Air-Sing Sang Sung-Love 2
3:24 AM-Japan-Talking Drum-Tin Drum
3:28 AM-Fujiya & Miyagi-Collarbone-Transparent Things
3:32 AM-Champagne Champagne-Age Of Aquarius-Champagne Champagne

3:36 AM-The Big Pink-Dominos-A Brief History Of Love
3:39 AM-The Raveonettes-Break Up Girls!-In And Out Of Control
3:43 AM-Marnie Stern-The Crippled Jazzer-This Is It And I Am It And You Are It And So Is That And He Is It And She Is It And It Is It And That Is That
3:47 AM-Turbo Fruits-Trouble!-Echo Kid
3:50 AM-Half Japanese-Patty-Hello
3:52 AM-The Jesus Lizard-Sea Sick-Show [Live]

3:57 AM-The Fresh & Onlys-Dude's Got A Tender Heart-Grey-Eyed Girls
4:00 AM-Oneida; Liars-Rose And Licorice-Atheists Reconsider
4:04 AM-The Fucking Eagles-Nothing But A Heartache-Midnight Sour
4:06 AM-Dave Dee Dozy Beak Mitch & Titch-Hold Tight-
4:10 AM-Reigning Sound-Stick Up For Me-Love And Curses

4:13 AM-Cougar-Rhinelander-Patriot (Promo)
4:18 AM-Do Make Say Think-Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!-Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn

4:26 AM-Sleep Whale-We Were Dripping-Houseboat
4:30 AM-The xx-Shelter-xx
4:35 AM-Fontan-The Bridge-Winterhwila

4:39 AM-Billy Bragg-A New England-Essential Billy Bragg
4:41 AM-Kurt Vile-Freak Train-Childish Prodigy
4:48 AM-Mission Of Burma-Red-Signals, Calls and Marches [Remastered]
4:52 AM-Fugazi-Long Distance Runner-Red Medicine

4:56 AM-Built To Spill-Hindsight-There Is No Enemy
5:00 AM-handsome Furs-Hate This City-Plague Park

5:06 AM-Girls-Laura-Album
5:11 AM-stellastarr*-My Coco-Stellastarr*
5:16 AM-New Villager-Rich Doors-

5:22 AM-Islands-On Foreigner-Vapours
5:27 AM-The Dutchess & The Duke-Hands-Sunset / Sunrise
5:30 AM-Califone-Polish Girls-All My Friends Are Funeral Singers
5:33 AM-Broken Social Scene-Major Label Debut-Broken Social Scene

5:39 AM-The Darlings-If This Is Love-Yeah I Know
5:42 AM-No Age-Untitled-Losing Feeling
5:45 AM-Blonde Redhead-Equus-Misery Is A Butterfly

5:50 AM-Port-Royal-Balding Generation (Losing Hair As We Lose Hope)-Dying In Time

Sunday, October 4, 2009

324 E. 13th Street #7

They could have done better with Dee Dee. I'm not complaining. But seriously, token bananas.

Seriously though. Just got this in the mail:

Roy Montgomery's 324 E. 13th Street #7 album. Collects all six of Roy Montgomery's solo singles until 1999 anyway, a rare single from his band the Shallows in 1985, and four previously unreleased tracks. I heard a song on WNYU I think, and loved it so much I had to order this CD from Ebay. I am prepared to devour more of his music, including his other bands Dadamah, The Shallows, and Hash Jar Tempo. Not sure what the rest sounds like, but this is pretty much Jandek+Slowdive.

This show happened? GROUPER + PUMICE + ROY MONTGOMERY + CHRISTCHURCH? Really? Damn. I need to move to New Zealand I guess.