Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Saturday Night of Remorse and Beautiful Music

James Blackshaw- All is Falling (Young God)
Most hauntingly beautiful and plaintive instrumental record I've heard in 2010.
Londen-er Blackshaw enters the world of the electric 12 string guitar and
the results are stunning. All done very simply, with backing of piano, violin,
cello, flute, glockenspiel- all parts folk, minimalist, classical, and experimental.

James Blackshaw- Part 7 (Edit)

Forest Swords- Dagger Paths (Olde English Spelling Bee)
Like Burial? Ennio Morricone? Grouper? Droney lo-fi folk and dub that on first listen defies genres and was an instant crush for me. Thanks to the listener who requested this.

Forest Swords: "Miarches"

Kate Bush- The Dreaming (1982)
Ok I've been a bit overly obsessed with this record the last 2 months. But DAMN.

I'll leave you with some Jorge Luis Borges, just a few words I like tonight.

Un hombre que cultiva su jardín, como quería Voltaire.
El que agradece que en la tierra haya música.
El que descubre con placer una etimologia.
Dos empleados que en un café del Sur juegan un silencioso ajedrez.
El ceramista que premedita un color y una forma.
El tipógrafo que compone bien esta página, que tal vez no le agrada.
Una mujer y un hombre que leen los tercetos finales de cierto canto.
El que acaricia a un animal dormido.
El que justifica o quiere justificar un mal que le han hecho.
El que agradece que en la tierra haya Stevenson.
El que prefiere que los otros tengan razón.
Esas personas, que se ignoran, están salvando el mundo.

A man who cultivates his garden, as Voltaire wished.
He who is grateful for the existence of music.
He who takes pleasure in tracing an etymology.
Two workmen playing, in a cafe in the South, a silent game of chess.
The potter, contemplating a color and a form.
The typographer who sets this page well, though it may not please him.
A woman and a man, who read the last tercets of a certain canto.
He who strokes a sleeping animal.
He who justifies, or wishes to, a wrong done him.
He who is grateful for the existence of Stevenson.
He who prefers others to be right.
These people, unaware, are saving the world

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