Friday, March 11, 2011

Excuses, Reasons, and Drama: My Music That Matters Podcast Vol 242

Here's the latest in DJ Shani Thunders' ongoing quest to find ear-tickling musical delights to share. Enjoy an hour of primal beats, sexy post-punk, lo-fi Elvis, sludgy psych, Danish electro-pop, spooky vocals, ambient heartbreak, and whatever other noise-scapes you want! Well, that's not true, you can't actually change the podcast. But here's hoping you have fun. 

You can download it for free on Itunes (KEXP Presents Music That Matters, easier to find), or go here:

1. Autre Ne Veut - Drama Cum Drama
2. Solar Bears - Dolls
3. Blank Dogs - Longlights
4. Banjo or Freakout - Go Ahead
5. Laurel Halo - Metal Confection
6. Cheveu - Charlie Sheen
7. When Saints Go Machine - Pick Up Your Tears and Run
8. Bonjay - Creepin
9. Bibio - Excuses 
10. Chrisma - Black Silk Stocking
11. Palesketcher - Seventh Heaven
12. Chimes & Bells - Reasons
13. Dirty Beaches - True Blue
14. J.C. Satan - Your Place
15. Pure Horsehair - Fire Next Time
16. Hype Williams - Rescue Dawn

1 comment:

  1. Really digging the Pale Sketcher stuff myself!