Sunday, February 2, 2014

Slow Wake: 01/30/14


The show is posted here
22:19 M83 Birds/Unrecorded Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts
22:23 Carlton Melton Slow Wake Always Even
22:28 Slowdive Ballad of Sister Sue Just For a Day
22:33 Plaid Booc V/A: Warp: Routine
22:37 Darkside Golden Arrow Psychic
22:49 Dean Blunt The Pedigree The Redeemer
22:52 Cock & Swan Night Rising (William Ryan Fritch) Recess Tangle: Vol 1
22:55 Migrations in Rust We Had Left/ Door's Between Two Shadows
23:00 Peter Walker Me and My Lady Has Anybody Seen Our Freedoms?
23:05 Dom La Nena Start a War Golondrina
23:08 Magjical Cloudz I Do Sing For You Impersonator
23:13 Bridgitte Fontaine Il Pleut Est...Folle
23:15 Molly Nilsson Philadelphia The Travels
23:20 Al Bilali Soudan Super Abellow Al Bilali Soudan
23:28 Songs Ohia I've Been Riding with the Ghost Magnolia Electric Co.
23:32 Agnes Obel Run Cried the Calling Aventine
23:35 Lubomyr Melnyk Marginal Invitation Three Solo Pieces
23:44 These New Puritans Organ Eternal Field of Reeds
23:50 Barnett + Coloccia Switch Retrieval
23:56 Slowdive Dagger Souvlaki

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