Sunday, October 4, 2009

324 E. 13th Street #7

They could have done better with Dee Dee. I'm not complaining. But seriously, token bananas.

Seriously though. Just got this in the mail:

Roy Montgomery's 324 E. 13th Street #7 album. Collects all six of Roy Montgomery's solo singles until 1999 anyway, a rare single from his band the Shallows in 1985, and four previously unreleased tracks. I heard a song on WNYU I think, and loved it so much I had to order this CD from Ebay. I am prepared to devour more of his music, including his other bands Dadamah, The Shallows, and Hash Jar Tempo. Not sure what the rest sounds like, but this is pretty much Jandek+Slowdive.

This show happened? GROUPER + PUMICE + ROY MONTGOMERY + CHRISTCHURCH? Really? Damn. I need to move to New Zealand I guess.


  1. is he playing delayed church organ in this? I can't really see. but if so that's incredible. That's really good stuff.

  2. I've never heard this before, this is pretty spacey! Once the track chills out, the melody really starts to build and evolve: