Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sea Sick: KEXP Playlist 10/8/09

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My show from last night: you can stream it here.
Excited for the weekend- I'm seeing the Confederacy of Dunces play and going to a friends' wedding. Yay! More music videos and ponderings to come.

1:01 AM-Moderat-A New Error-Moderat
1:07 AM-Burial-Archangel-Untrue

1:12 AM-HEALTH-Die Slow (Tobacco Remix)-
1:16 AM-Massive Attack-Psyche (Van Rivers & The Subliminal Kid Remix)-Splitting the Atom
1:20 AM-Shallow-I Wonder (Sonicwonderglyde Mix)-CD Laser Lens Cleaner
1:25 AM-A Sunny Day in Glasgow-Shy-Ashes Grammar

1:32 AM-Grizzly Bear-Knife-Live @ KEXP October 4 2006
1:36 AM-B. Fleischmann-Not Given Lightly-V/A: Not Given Lightly
1:41 AM-The Avett Brothers-The Perfect Space-I And Love And You

1:46 AM-Sea Wolf-O Maria!-White Water, White Bloom
1:50 AM-The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir-I Pretend She's You-...and the horse you rode in on
1:55 AM-Morrissey-You're The One For Me, Fatty-Your Arsenal
1:57 AM-The Long Winters-Cinnamon-When I Pretend To Fall
2:02 AM-Dan Deacon-Snookered-Bromst

2:11 AM-Electrelane-I Keep Losing Heart-Axes [Live]
2:15 AM-Le Loup-Go East-Family
2:20 AM-Atlas Sound-Shelia-Logos
2:23 AM-The Sea And Cake-Transparent-Everybody
2:28 AM-Lia Ices-(Un)Chosen One-Necima

2:33 AM-Yo La Tengo-If It's True-Popular Songs
2:35 AM-Caribou-She's The One-Andorra
2:39 AM-Nudge-Two Hands-As Good As Gone

2:45 AM-Wheedle's Groove-Babyback-Kearney Barton
2:50 AM-The Very Best-Julia-Warm Heart of Africa
2:54 AM-LCD Soundsystem-Sound Of Silver-Sound Of Silver
3:01 AM-Stereolab-Les Yper-Sound-Emperor Tomato Ketchup
3:05 AM-Memory Tapes-Run Out-Seek Magic
3:09 AM-jj-Ecstascy-JJ No2

3:14 AM-Phoenix-Fences-Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
3:17 AM-Thieves Like Us-Drugs in My Body-Play Music
3:21 AM-Air-Sing Sang Sung-Love 2
3:24 AM-Japan-Talking Drum-Tin Drum
3:28 AM-Fujiya & Miyagi-Collarbone-Transparent Things
3:32 AM-Champagne Champagne-Age Of Aquarius-Champagne Champagne

3:36 AM-The Big Pink-Dominos-A Brief History Of Love
3:39 AM-The Raveonettes-Break Up Girls!-In And Out Of Control
3:43 AM-Marnie Stern-The Crippled Jazzer-This Is It And I Am It And You Are It And So Is That And He Is It And She Is It And It Is It And That Is That
3:47 AM-Turbo Fruits-Trouble!-Echo Kid
3:50 AM-Half Japanese-Patty-Hello
3:52 AM-The Jesus Lizard-Sea Sick-Show [Live]

3:57 AM-The Fresh & Onlys-Dude's Got A Tender Heart-Grey-Eyed Girls
4:00 AM-Oneida; Liars-Rose And Licorice-Atheists Reconsider
4:04 AM-The Fucking Eagles-Nothing But A Heartache-Midnight Sour
4:06 AM-Dave Dee Dozy Beak Mitch & Titch-Hold Tight-
4:10 AM-Reigning Sound-Stick Up For Me-Love And Curses

4:13 AM-Cougar-Rhinelander-Patriot (Promo)
4:18 AM-Do Make Say Think-Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!-Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn

4:26 AM-Sleep Whale-We Were Dripping-Houseboat
4:30 AM-The xx-Shelter-xx
4:35 AM-Fontan-The Bridge-Winterhwila

4:39 AM-Billy Bragg-A New England-Essential Billy Bragg
4:41 AM-Kurt Vile-Freak Train-Childish Prodigy
4:48 AM-Mission Of Burma-Red-Signals, Calls and Marches [Remastered]
4:52 AM-Fugazi-Long Distance Runner-Red Medicine

4:56 AM-Built To Spill-Hindsight-There Is No Enemy
5:00 AM-handsome Furs-Hate This City-Plague Park

5:06 AM-Girls-Laura-Album
5:11 AM-stellastarr*-My Coco-Stellastarr*
5:16 AM-New Villager-Rich Doors-

5:22 AM-Islands-On Foreigner-Vapours
5:27 AM-The Dutchess & The Duke-Hands-Sunset / Sunrise
5:30 AM-Califone-Polish Girls-All My Friends Are Funeral Singers
5:33 AM-Broken Social Scene-Major Label Debut-Broken Social Scene

5:39 AM-The Darlings-If This Is Love-Yeah I Know
5:42 AM-No Age-Untitled-Losing Feeling
5:45 AM-Blonde Redhead-Equus-Misery Is A Butterfly

5:50 AM-Port-Royal-Balding Generation (Losing Hair As We Lose Hope)-Dying In Time

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