Monday, August 27, 2012

Evergreen Dazed: 08/26/12

[Kate Bush]

Download or Stream: 08/26/12 8-10pm
08:01PMHauschkaRode NullFerndorf
08:06PMBrian EnoJulie With...before and after science
08:12PMTim HeckerRadio SpiricomHarmony in Ultraviolet
08:17PMFour TetPyramidPink
08:26PMPhon.oFukushimaModeselektion Vol. 02
08:37PMKate BushSuspended in GaffaThe Dreaming
08:41PMJohn MausBenningtonA Collection of Rarities And Previously Unreleased Material
08:45PMJulian CopeHead Hang LowWorld Shut Your Mouth
08:50PMJefre Cantu-LedesmaBlut MondFaceless Kiss/Blut Mond 7"
08:54PMJahiliyya FieldsWater BreakerUnicursal Hexagram
09:01PMSilver ApplesDustSilver Apples
09:04PMBroadcastOminous CloudHa Ha Sound
09:07PMd'Eon#03Music For Keyboards Vol. 1
09:13PMLes CalamitesToutes Les NuitsToutes Les Nuits
09:14PMAriel Pink's Haunted GraffitiKinski AssassinMature Themes
09:17PMVetiverAny And AllIn A Cloud II: New Sounds From San Francisco
09:21PMFELTEvergreen DazedCrumbling the Antiseptic Beauty
09:25PMSamara LubelskiHang of SummerWavelength
09:29PMCommon Eider, King EiderWhen We Sewed SkinsWorn
09:37PMEdgar FroeseUplandAqua
09:42PMHoly OtherHeldHeld

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